Bringing The Heat: San Francisco Giants

So what if the Giants is one of the oldest teams in baseball. That doesn’t mean that there are not hotties on the roster. Of course everyone on this list except for one hitter was born after 1975, which makes them younger than 30. But that doesn’t mean there are no hot 40 year olds.

Just not on this list. So to get things started, let’s just throw up the obvious first.

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Hit & Run: I Have To Start Paying Attention To That?

On Sunday, Lewis Hamilton became the first black Formula One Driver to win an event at the Canadian Grand Prix. He is the first black man to win any major racing event. He finished 4.3 seconds ahead of Nick Heidfeld. I’m not too good at math, but hot guy + fast car + danger + hot British accent = me in love. [Probably more like in lust, but you get what I'm saying.]

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Bringing The Heat: Anaheim Angels

The latest edition of Bringing the Heat takes us to the left coast with the Anaheim Angels*. And I must say that I’m disappointed in them. There are no real hotties on the team. Sure there are some cute guys, but no smoking hot pieces of ass that you want to spank. Maybe Bill Stoneman need to take a cue from his counterpart up in Oakland and learn to draft some good hot players.

Despite that, the Angels are already in control of the AL West, with a 5 ½ game lead on Seattle, 6 ½ lead on Oakland, and a 16 game lead over Texas. Oakland is a notorious second-half team, but I wouldn’t blame anyone if they called this division done for. And with that said, on to the cuties from Anaheim.

*I refuse to call them that fucked up name their owner gave them.

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NBA Northwest: There’s A Cute Guy Or Two

While looking through the Northwest division I kept saying one thing over and over again-eh. And that’s sums up the quality of hot basketball players. Out of five teams I barely got four and added a fifth so it didn’t seem so glum. I will say one thing thought-the Trailblazers have one spiffy website. Far and away the best out of the teams in the division.

The Utah Jazz have won the division and they’ll be the fourth seed in the playoffs. The Denver Nuggets finished second and is currently (and probably stay) in the sixth position for playoff seeding. Everyone else (Minnesota Timberwolves, Seattle Sonics, and the aforementioned Portland) are out of it.

To cheer us up before the jump, here is Eduardo Najera. I’ll learn Spanish for him. He plays for Denver. That’s good to know if I ever take a vacation there.

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Bringing The Heat: Atlanta Braves

When we here at Ladies… decide we would do a feature on all 32 Major League teams, I jokingly said that for the Atlanta Braves one I could just post 10 pictures of Jeff Francoeur’s ass and call it a day. Little did I know that I could literally do that. There are many a picture of Mr. Francoeur’s ass, all that I enjoyed immensely. And it’s not like Atlanta is coming up big in the hotties category anyway. Would you, loyal reader of Ladies…, complain if 10 pics of Francoeur’s ass came after the jump? Continue reading

Would You….Listen to What She’s Saying Part III: Pam Oliver and Stacey Dales

Pam OliverAs we noted earlier in our “Would you do Chris Berman” post, over at The Big Picture they’re having a nice little bracket seeding the female broadcasters against each other in a “Would you…” tourney. Their “Would you…” usually ends with comments that would make Red Buttons Andrew Dice Clay Bob Saget blush. Now while we Ladies are far from shrinking violets, we were better off not knowing what “DSL” meant.

So for the rest of “Would you…” tournament, we’re going to give you the reasons why we like these women. Today SA is telling you all about Pam Oliver and Lady Andrea is letting you know about the finer points of Stacey Dales. Continue reading

East Teams: Looking Pretty Damn Good

Look, if you read Ladies… you’re watching the tournament. And I don’t need to say how fucking good North Carolina and Georgetown look. I didn’t buy into the Georgetown hype, but I am now. And Vandy? Where the hell was this all year? Seriously, where was it? Yeah, you beat Florida, but that was when they were bored with SEC play. Thank you for making me look smart and taking you to get to the Sweet 16. Thank you. Oh yeah, and giving us a good game.

But with winning comes losing and we won’t be seeing Washington State, Boston College (go to hell BC), and Michigan State anymore this year. Aww, that’s too bad because Drew Neitzel’s cute headshot will be put away for the next eight months. See people, yet another reason to hate Carolina.

Drew Neitzel

Oh Drew. I can make things better for you. I can make the pain go away.

UNC 81 Michigan State 61
Georgetown 62 Boston College 55
Vanderbilt 78 Washington State 74 (2OT)

East Teams: Loving The Taste of Chalk

Jerel McNeilSix out of the eight games in the regional was played Thursday and all the higher seeds won. Except 9-seed Marquette who lost to 8-seed Michigan State. And let’s be honest, there is no way in hell that’s an upset. Too bad we won’t be seeing Jerel McNeal anymore this season. Stupid opposable thumbs and their injuries. Anyhoo, here are how the six games broke down yesterday:

  • Carolina was given a scare by Eastern Kentucky in the second half when the Colonels pulled within four points, but the Tar Heels pulled away after that eventually winning by 21.
  • Marquette never got in to the game.
  • Boston College let Texas Tech hang around way too much in this game, but in the end they finally took over.
  • Georgetown, Washington State, and Vanderbilt showed Belmont, Oral Roberts, and George Washington exactly how the big boys roll.

Big East Conference Hangover-Georgetown Is The Poo

Bring It OnSo everybody should just take a big wiff.

(I am so sorry for the Bring It On reference.)

This is hard for me to say. I’m an ACC girl. I will, until my last breath, always proclaim that the ACC is the best college basketball conference hands down. But goddamn is Georgetown good. Very good. Scary good. And Pitt? Well, at least they made the finals. That’s special for them. Continue reading

Western Athletic Conference Hangover-Finally Sweet Release

NMSU mascotFinally, a game that was interesting from beginning to end. A game that was competitive from both teams and had all the drama we expect from March. Thank you New Mexico State. Thank you Utah State. Your stately battle was a good one and thanks to a minor upset by the hands of Utah St., your conference will be getting two teams into the tournament this year. Wiggidy WAC indeed. Continue reading

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Hangover

Siena, you almost made me look smart. You got the the championship game and gave it a good fight. So much so that you had me believing in you. And then you break my heart. Darn you Siena. Darn you. Niagara won the MAAC Championship, 83-79 Monday night to capture the automatic bid to the NCAA’s. This will be their second trip to the “Big Dance” in three years. Continue reading

Southern Conference Hangover

SoCon logoAh, the SoCon Tournament. Once again another conference tournament went pretty much chalk. And the number one seed, Davidson won. Big shocker. C of C got to the championship game with the home-town crowd and Davidson got there because they’re a good team. I went to this game Saturday, well the first half of the game anyway, and I must say that although it was a two-point game at halftime, I was pretty bored. And this is nothing against the Southern Conference. It just wasn’t that exciting of a game to me. I would have pictures for you. But me and my camera didn’t get along, particularly the part where it decided to jump out of my hand while walking to the entrance, breaking into a bunch of little pieces. Fuck you Sony Cyber-shot that I got for Christmas. Continue reading

Western Athletic Conference Panty Raid

I know it’s lame, I do. But every time I see the Western Athletic Conference I always call it the “wiggidy wiggidy WAC.” I use to think that I was the only person who still had “wiggidy wack” in their vocabulary, but I see that I’m not alone.

It’s not about sports, but damn if that’s not a funny clip. I really should start watching Project Runway. Continue reading

Big South Conference Hangover

Fuck you VMI. You almost had us going there, beating third-seed Liberty by 1, and then beating the second seed High Point by 10. And giving Winthrop a game down to the last nine seconds. And having us all believe you could be one of those tournament teams that came out of nowhere. But in the end your pathetic defense did you in. Winthrop beat VMI 84-81, going to the big dance for the seventh time in nine years and for the third straight year. The Eagles were lead by Torrell Martin, who scored 17 points. VMI was lead by Travis Holmes, who scored 29 points; that led all players on the floor. He made 6 out of 9 threes in the game. The Big South tournament team-Craig Bradshaw (MVP) (Winthrop), Michael Jenkins (Winthrop), Travis Holmes (VMI), Reggie Williams (VMI), K.J. Garland (UNC Asheville), and Eugene Harris (High Point). Continue reading

OVC Tournament Hangover

Great last few minutes of the final game. Boring conference tourny. The Ohio Valley Conference Tournament pretty much went chalk, the only mild upset being fifth-seed Samford beating four-seed Murray State. Even the game last night, Austin Peay and Eastern Kentucky, featured the top two seeds in the conference. And it was dull, as Austin Peay couldn’t buy a basket for 10 minutes in the second half which lead to Eastern Kentucky taking over the game. AP did, however, get back into the game with a little less than three minutes left, taking the lead. But Josh Taylor hit the game-winning layup with 2.9 seconds left to put Eastern Kentucky up 63-62. The Colonels are going to their seventh NCAA Tournament and the OVC title was their fifth overall. They last won in 2005. Continue reading

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Panty Raid

The MAAC is a good league, with six out of their 10 teams having a winning record and a seventh having a .500 record in conference. The three remaining teams though have records with at least twice as many losses as wins. The overall winning record has a different story, as only the top four teams have winning records. What does that prove? That the MAAC is pretty much like any mid-major conference-one dominant team, a bunch of worthy competitors, and some pretty bad teams. Continue reading

Southern Conference Panty Raid

The SoCon is one trippy league. Every year a new team makes it to the top to win the automatic bid and go to the NCAAs. Davidson is trying to nix that trend by winning the league for the second straight year. But they will have some competition as the top of the conference looks to be a crap shoot with the better teams beating each other. The rest of the league? Not so much as the other 7 teams all have a losing conference and overall record. That’s right, seven teams in a conference of 11 have losing records. Who needs the ACC when you can have the SoCon? Continue reading

The Ohio Valley Conference Panty Raid

How to sum up the Ohio Valley Conference? One good team, several okay teams (at least in conference), and a bunch of, well, suckey teams. Out of 11 teams, only 4 has an overall winning record. One team is exactly .500 overall. The rest? Well, they’re not so good. Austin Peay (16-4) is first in the conference, followed by Eastern Kentucky (13-7), Tennessee Tech (13-7), Murray State (13-7), and Samford (12-8). The other six teams have losing records both in conference and overall. Yeah, can we say mediocre? Continue reading

The Big South Panty Raid

Here is the first thing you need to know about the Big South: Winthrop is good. Very good. So good that they are undefeated in conference play, won the conference outright with games to play, and will get to host the tournament on their home floor.

You read that right: They will get to host the post-season tournament on their floor because the Big South rewards the best play during the season by letting the top four teams host the first round on their home courts. The semifinals are held on the regular season champion’s floor and the final is at the home of the highest remaining seed. So it is at a team’s advantage to win the regular season, since they will pretty much get home court advantage as long as the winning continues. Continue reading

Last Night’s Action

It’s a good to be be Lazar Hayward right about now. He’s a member of the 16th ranked Marquette basketball team, a big man on campus, and scored a career high 18 points on the way to the Golden Eagles’ 22nd victory of the year. And he’s a cutie. And probably knows it. Those damn cocky freshman. Hayward help his team come back from an early nine point deficit to beat Villanova 80-67.


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