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Formerly of Buffalo and Rochester and now of NYC, I am an extremely loyal Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan since birth. I *used* to support the Yankees, but Mr. Buffalita has since showed me the err of my ways and has converted me (almost fully) to a Mets fan. Come on, you think I would have had Mr. Met at our wedding otherwise? Feel free to drop me a line at buffalitanyc@gmail.com for story requests, tips, or photos you'd like to share!

Rivalry – Why Vie So Hard?

Lowell vs. Cano

Team rivalry. Seemingly nothing wrong with it, and actually it’s abnormal to not have some friendly competition and strive a bit harder to win against a certain team more than others. Maybe it’s two cities that battle in more ways than sports, maybe it comes about from a trade that develops a grudge, or maybe it’s something rooted in history that carries itself over 100 years of one the most well known and deepest hates – the Yankees and the Red Sox. But why are some rivalries the way they are today, why carry on the tradition of hate throughout generations, and why hate so hard?

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Citi Field…Shea it ain’t so

Citi Field

Ahhhh. Nothing like the smell of a brand new stadium. While plenty has been written on everyone’s gripes with the new home to New York’s beloved Mets (well, and praising of the food), we haven’t seen too much from the eyes of a lady Met fan who’s focus is on practicality and the important things (i.e. positioning for maximum zooming capability on certain players). Given that the focus at Ladies… is bringing in the new, I figured I’d give our lovely readers a peek into one of the two new stadiums in the big apple. Continue reading